Action Alert: Calls needed on HB 4192

| March 14, 2017 | 1 Reply

HB 4192, Repeal & Replace Common Core is up for a second hearing Wednesday, March 15 at noon in the Anderson Building 5th floor.  If you are able to attend, that would be wonderful.

The opposition from the MDE and lobbyists is strong.  Please call the chair of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee, Representative Lee Chatfield’s office (517-373-2629) to express your support for HB 4192.

Also, call your own Representative and Senator.

Don’t assume anyone has decided to vote yes. Here are the committee members and their phone numbers you can also call.

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  • TheirVoiceMatters

    I would suggest creating a forum (contributions needed?) where anybody interested enough can either “come out” and speak freely in defense of our children or actually ‘learn’ regarding the dirty details of this fight. Our children *deserve* such a resource for no other reason than to report to their elders what is going on themselves. It will be pretty hard for us to say that we truly heard them for all these years and then went to war for them using their firsthand accounts (given that their teachers are obviously publicly silent) when there will be absolutely no evidence of either.
    We need to keep in mind who is actually suffering here and give them a voice or at least try to raise the money needed to do so.
    Just my $.02 for what its worth…