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Brian Polet resigned as as board president and from the board of directors of Eagle Crest Charter Academy.  Below is his stinging resignation letter.  Please read and share this letter.

Dear Eagle Crest Charter Academy, National Heritage Academies, and Central Michigan University,

Effective June 30, 2014, I officially resign as board president and from the board of directors of the Eagle Crest Charter Academy. Having been a part of the ECCA board since 1998, I have enjoyed watching it grow from a fledgling 100+ student body to a well respected institution of learning, not only in the West Michigan area, but in the state as a whole. Throughout those years, the challenge of  this board has been to ask the question, “Is it good for our children?” We have now reached a “no” as the answer to that question: Common Core State Standards and its Orwellian sibling, Smarter Balance Assessments. Over the past few months it has come to light that this Academy has suffered the chaos over the past two years of what is commonly called Common Core. Equally apparent is the vim and vigor that CMU and NHA have shown in supporting implementation of CC despite a lack of national testing, trials and experience.

This copy-written, corporate-driven education model has been developed by non-teachers and edu-crats from Washington to Lansing to the detriment of students, parents, taxpayers and local school boards. Without control of curriculum and a limited control of budgets, CC has effectively removed local control from parents and put it the hands of ESPs, the Dept. of Ed and state boards.

As a logical conclusion to this hokum, ECCA has fallen victim to this Soviet-style education. The chaos that has ensued is not the consequence of bad management by NHA, but a result of a flawed educational system.

More disturbing to me is the inability to guarantee the data privacy of our students. Neither NHA or the State Board will be able to protect a child’s data from corporate vultures, marketers, and political interest groups from being used in a malevolent way. Equally troubling is the ability for educational personnel to manipulate tests and assessments to move any student into certain fields or vocations and to modify behavior without consent or knowledge of the parent.

Sadly, as a volunteer I have no “skins” in this game. This puts the board and its individual members at a decided disadvantage against the combined efforts of CMU and NHA. With this in mind, I want no part of a lousy educational model and I refuse to sign my name to a product that confuses, disorients, diminishes and fails to protect our students.

In conclusion, my conversations with CMU and NHA has made it quite clear that this is the model they want. They can have it. With CC, we no longer have the Socratic model of education, but a new Bill Gates vocational schooling for worker bees and drones. Plainly, I have not left education, education has left me and more importantly, our students.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve these many years.


Brian Polet

Eagle Crest Charter Academy Board President


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  • Back2God2010

    Our country and our education is being sabotaged by government control and greedy men who think because they have money they can control everyone else! We must STOP COMMUNIST CORE IN EVERY STATE IN AMERICA or we will not survive in the modern world. If we don’t get back to the basics in education and to our constitution in our government, we are going to be destroyed, controlled and enslaved by those with the most money! Our freedoms are already sinking fast and we are on the verge of total collapse from what America used to be…God help us to wake up and take a stand! All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do NOTHING!!! I am glad this Board President made it clear what is happening and decided to make his statement! I hope and pray every parent teacher and principal will do the same and resign from the SYSTEM and start home schools or anti-CC education charter schools! Write letters and send emails to petition Gov. Snyder and all your representatives and senators. Make your voice heard! Start a petition drive online or in person and get everyone in every neighborhood informed and on board to STOP COMMON CORE! Our kids and all of our futures are at risk, individually, corporately, educationally, financially, emotionally, logistically, physically and spiritually. Communism is total control and CC is Communism!