Election 2014: Roll Call on the Common Core

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michigan-state-capitolAs the election season begins many have asked how the candidates and incumbents stand on Common Core. There is high interest in their position and many believe Common Core will be the “litmus test” issue for the 2014 elections.

To assist readers and concerned voters, we will maintain a running list for various offices and their position on Common Core.  This is not an endorsement of any candidate.   We are simply passing on the name and the links to written statements, news articles, or votes by the candidates which help people better understand their position.  Any incumbent who voted for or expressed support of  HCR 11 is considered to be PRO Common Core.

We will also be including the names of candidates and incumbents who have received the endorsement of the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).   GLEP is a strong supporter of the Common Core and we believe there is a high correlation between candidates who accept the GLEP endorsement and their future votes on legislation.  Some candidates may receive the GLEP endorsement and be against the Common Core, we will note that distinction with an * asterisk.

This list is not complete and subject to change as new information becomes available.

If you are a candidate and would like your name placed on the list please send an email with a link to your written statement on Common Core to spunkyhomeschool at gmail dot com.  If you are a concerned citizen you can help by calling candidates for office and asking them to provide a statement with their position on Common Core at their website and sending us the link.   Thank you!

AGAINST Common Core

Rep. Justin Amash (R) Incumbent US House of Representatives 3rd District
Rep. Jon BumsteadIncumbent Michigan House District 100
Phil Campbell (R) Candidate Michigan House District 47
Maria Carl (R) Candidate Michigan State Board of Education
Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R) Incumbent MI Senate  7th District
Rep. Kevin Daley (R) Candidate Michigan Senate District 31
Cindy Duran (R) Candidate Michigan House District 79
Nick Fiani (R) Candidate Michigan House District 42
Cindy Gamrat (R) Candidate Michigan House District 80
Gabe Hudson (R) Candidate Michigan House District 72
Gary Glenn (R) Candidate Michigan House District 98
Sen. Mike Green (R) Incumbent Michigan Senate District 31
Dan Lauffer (R) Candidate Michigan House District 38
Matt Maddock (R) Candidate MI State Senate District 15
Tom Norton (R)  Candidate MI House District 73
Deb O’Hagan (R) Candidate MI House District 39T
John Reilly (R) Candidate MI House District 46
Lana Theis (R) Candidate MI House District 42 (*GLEP endorsed)
Dave Trott (R) Candidate US House District 11
Matt Wiedenhoft (R) Candidate Michigan House District 89

FOR Common Core

Gov. Rick Snyder (R) Incumbent Governor State of Michigan
Lt. Governor Brian Calley Incumbent Lt. Governor State of Michigan

State Rep. Abed (D) Incumbent MI House   71st District
State Rep. Banks (D)  Incumbent MI House  1st District
State Rep. Barnett (D) Incumbent MI House 37th District
State Rep. Bolger (R)  Incumbent MI House  63rd District
State Rep. Brinks (D)  Incumbent MI House  76th District
State Rep. Brunner (D) Incumbent MI House  96th District
State Rep. Brown (D)  Incumbent MI House  84th District
State Rep. Cavanagh (D) Incumbent MI House 10th District
State Rep.Clemente (D) Incumbent MI House  14th District
State Rep. Cochran (D)  Incumbent MI House   67th District
State Rep. Crawford (R) Incumbent Michigan House  38th District
State Rep.Darany (D) Incumbent Michigan House District 15
State Rep. Denby (R) Incumbent MI House District 47
State Rep. Dianda (D) Incumbent Mi House District 110
State Rep. Dillon (D) Incumbent MI House District 75
State Rep. Driskell (D) Incumbent MI House District  52
State Rep. Durhal (D) Incumbent MI House District 5
State Rep. Faris (D) (R) Incumbent MI House District 48
State Rep. Foster (R) Incumbent MI House District 107 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. Geiss (D) Incumbent MI House District  12
State Rep. Glardon (R) Incumbent MI House District 85
State Rep. Graves (R) Incumbent MI House District 51
State Rep. Greimel (D) Incumbent MI House District 29
State Rep. Haines (R) Incumbent MI House District 43
State Rep. Haugh (D) Incumbent MI House District 22
State Rep. Heise (R) Incumbent MI House District 20
State Rep. Hobbs (D) Incumbent MI House District 35
State Rep. Hovey-Wright (D) Incumbent MI House District 92
State Rep. Irwin (D) Incumbent House District 53
State Rep. Jacobsen (R) Incumbent MI House District 46 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. Jenkins (R) Incumbent MI House District 57
State Rep. Kandrevas
State Rep. Kelly (R) Incumbent MI House District 94 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. Kesto (R) Incumbent MI House District 39
State Rep. Kivela
State Rep. Knezek
State Rep. Kosowski
State Rep. Eileen Kowall (R) Incumbent MI House District 44
State Rep. LaFontaine
State Rep. Lamonte
State Rep. Lane
State Rep. LaVoy
State Rep. Lipton
State Rep. Lori (R) Incumbent MI House District 59
State Rep. Lund (R) Incumbent MI House District 36
Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R) Incumbent MI House  District 86 Chair House Ed. Committee (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. MacGregor (R) Incumbent MI House District 28 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. McBroom (R) Incumbent MI House District 108
State Rep. McCann (D) Incumbent MI House District 60
State Rep. McCready (R) Incumbent MI House District 40
State Rep. Muxlow (R) Incumbent MI House District 83
State Rep. Nesbitt (R) Incumbent MI House District 66 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. O’Brien
State Rep. Oakes
State Rep. Olumba (D) Incumbent MI House District 02 (*GLEP endorsed)
State Rep. Outman
State Rep. Pagel
State Rep. Poleski (R) Incumbent MI House District 64 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Psolka (R) Incumbent MI House District 79 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Price (R) Incumbent MI House District 89 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Santana (D) Incumbent MI House District 09 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Schmidt (R) Incumbent MI House District 104
State Rep. Schor (D) Incumbent MI House District 78
State Sen. Schuitmaker (R) Incumbent MI Senate District 26 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Segal (D) Incumbent MI House District 62
State Rep. Shirkey (R) Incumbent MI House/Candidate MI Senate District 16 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Singh (D) Incumbent MI House District 69
State Rep. Slavens (D) Incumbent MI House District 21
State Rep. Smiley (D) Incumbent MI House District 50
State Rep. Stamas (R) Incumbent MI House/Candidate MI Senate District 36 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Stallsworth III (D) Incumbent MI House District 7
State Rep. VerHeulen (R) Incumbent MI House District 74 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Yonker (R) Incumbent MI House District 72 (*GLEP Endorsed)
State Rep. Zorn (R) Incumbent MI House/Candidate MI Senate District 56 (*GLEP Endorsed)

Unknown or Unwilling to state position on their website

Laura Cox (R) Candidate MI House District 19 Contact:  lauracox4staterep@gmail.com (*GLEP Endorsed)
Karl Ieuter (R) Candidate MI House District 98 Contact: (989) 948-2445 (*GLEP Endorsed)
Terri Lynn Land (R) Candidate US Senate Contact: 248-702-6433

More names and districts will be added soon!  Keep checking back.




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