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Update:  June 6, 2013

With the vote of the Michigan Senate this week, Michigan has pause language on Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessments in the budget.  In summary, it says the pause will remain in effect until the legislature votes to stop the pause.  State Superintendent Flanagan has called for hearings to take place before the legislature leaves for the summer on June 20.  We hope he isn’t successful.   That date doesn’t give us much time to continue educating our legislators about the dangers of nationalized  education.

We still have to make sure Governor Snyder signs the budget with the language.  That is why we’re asking you to call or email him on more time.  You have done a wonderful job already, let’s keep it up.

Update:  May 28, 2013

This morning, the joint budget committee of the House and Senate approved the education budget with a strong amendment to stop funding and implementation of Common Core standards and assessment.  Then the whole House passed the Education Budget.  We want to thank all our representatives.
Now the vote goes to the whole senate, which we hope will take up the issue tomorrow.  Then it goes to the Governor.
Not surprisingly, the Michigan Department of Education sent all our Senators an email telling them all the horrible things that will happen if this budget goes through. No need to rehash their points.
Bottom line, there is nothing worse for our state than making a very bad decision about the very essence of what our children are taught and tested on in school.  All we want is a genuine debate and the budget amendment will cause everyone to come to the table.
Our Senate has been dependable so far, and we are hoping they will come through for us tomorrow.  Thanks you for all you do to defend liberty.Melanie Kurdy

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Contact your State Senator, Representative and the Governor’s office and ask them NOT to  vote for the Michigan Department of Education budget  unless it contains language stopping the funding for IMPLEMENTATION of Common Core  and SMARTER BALANCED Assessments.  Make it clear that they must vote NO on the budget if that amendment or language  is not in the Michigan DOE Budget.

PLUS please ask them to support HB 4276 Sponsored by Rep. Tom McMillin – This bill would end Michigan’s participation in Common Core.

Find your State Representative:

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Please contact Governor Snyder:

You can also reach the executive office by phone, Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 517-335-7858.


If you can, please also put in a call to the following leaders:

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