Michigan Hits Pause

Michigan  became the third state to hit  “pause” when it comes to instituting the Common Core standards.

The Michigan Senate voted 24-14 to approve the Michigan Department of Education budget with State Representative Tom McMillin’s amendment that prevents the department from spending money to implement the Common Core State Standards. Local school districts can still spend money from their budgets to implement it if they wish.

The language in the bill is safe from a line-item veto so Governor Rick Snyder would have to veto the entire budget to stop the amendment.  This measure, in reality, pauses the Common Core in order to have a vigorous debate among Michigan citizens about whether it is a good or a bad idea for our children.

Now the official debate begins.  Be sure to talk to everyone you know.  Pass along this good news.  Schedule meetings, include this in your regular meetings, write op-eds, go speak to your school board, check out articles online and respond.  The Education elites who think they know better than we do, how to educate our children, will not go down without a real fight.  We may even begin to see television ads!

Our goal is to inform as many citizens as we can and encourage them to call their representatives and senators.   We will try to post as much information as we can on our Stop Common Core Facebook page to help in responding to talking points from the opposition.  Grass roots activism is making a difference.

This remarkable story to defeat Common Core  keeps unfolding rapidly before our eyes .  The Washington Post published an above the fold front-page story: “headline” link, which calls APP’s Emmett McGroarty the “nerve center” of the citizen-rebellion.

Please also check out the new website  To learn more about Common Core and what’s happening around the nation.

Thank you for all you do in support of liberty!