Legislative Updates

Call your lawmakers and Gov. Snyder TODAY!

Governor Snyder wants to move forward with Common Core.  October 1, is the deadline set to decide whether Michigan will continue with common national standards.   There is likely to be some action by lawmakers taken this week but the exact bill or resolution is still pending.

NOW is the time to call.  Don’t let this day go by without letting the Governor, your STATE  Representative, and your Senator know that you do not want Common Core in Michigan.

You can find your House Representative HERE

You can find your Senator HERE

Governor Snyder can be contacted at (517) 373-3400

Some points to mention.

Governor Snyder admitted that the federally government is “highly involved” in the standards.  The federal government should not be overseeing the development of tests.

Student data is no longer private. FERPA has been changed to allow federal and third party access.   Private Michigan student data should be kept private and NOT shared.

The standards are developmentally inappropriate for early elementary students and put undo stress on them.

The cost estimate of common core is

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia should NOT be developing the test for Michigan students.  Michigan should control our own assessments.   Michigan must exit SBAC immediately and develop its own tests.

Michigan must retain control of our standards, assessments, and protect private student data.

STOP Common Core State Standards