Legislative Updates

Important Legislative Update

Liberal Republicans and Progressives are continuing to try and shove Common  Core down our throats!   In a vote last Thursday, September 26th, 2013, the radical  progressives voted to pass House Concurrent Resolution No. 11  which approves funding “to expend resources to implement the use  of the Common Core State Standards so long as the conditions of  this resolution can be met.

This resolution attempts to put protections in place against  student data tracking and to retain local control over how the  material is taught. You must know that this resolution is not  binding and the protections put in place will not be honored.  Representatives who voted for this must be held accountable.  ONLY 21 House Republicans voted AGAINST the resolution.  Their affirmative action moves us another step closer to refunding the Common Core in Michigan.  You can see how your representative voted here.

The House Concurrent Resolution now moves to the Senate for consideration.


There is a  scheduled joint meeting of the Senate on Wednesday October 2 where  they will hear public testimony on the Common Core. The  meeting is scheduled for 2 PM at the Senate Hearing Room, Ground  Floor of the Boji Tower.
124 W. Allegan Street, Lansing,  MI  48933

Please attend the meeting if you  can.

Please call your  Senator TODAY!.

Find their names  and phone number or emails here.

Ask that he or she sponsor and vote for an amendment to pull us  out of the federally funded SMARTER BALANCED ASSESSMENT CONSORTIA  which is designing the new tests.  SBAC has a federal review  team for the questions. It replaces the MEAP and interim testing  in the classroom.  If there is no  amendment then tell your senator to vote NO!   Find their names  and phone number or emails here.

Call and e-mail  your representative about this issue and discuss how they voted on this  resolution. Remember how they voted on this when you go to the polls! Remember how they voted on this when they ask you to  volunteer for their  campaigns. This issue is extremely  important.  We the people must hold our representatives accountable for their willingness to cede control of education to DC and the special interests.It is crunch  time, folks! Please pass this on to everyone you know who cares  about educational freedom.