Senate Takes Action with Voice Vote

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Yesterday, the Senate gaveled through S-4,  their substitute version of the Common Core resolution by voice vote.   MIRS reports,

“When the issue was called on for a vote, a few senators audibly grumbled “yes,” a few senators audibly grumbled “no” and Speaker Pro Tem Tonya SCHUITMAKER (R-Lawton) gaveled the resolution through. No role call vote was taken.

A voice vote is a cowardly action by Senators who do not want to be held accountable.  Senator Colbeck was a vocal opponent against the Common Core but few other Senators have made their position clear.  Without any other evidence, we must assume that all the other Senators grumbled “yes.”

Because S-4 is a concurrent resolution, it now goes back to the House for approval.  MIRS reports that “Ari ADLER, press secretary of House Speaker Jase BOLGER, said the House was reviewing the changes made in the Senate and that it would plan on taking up the bill next week. ”

Senate resolution S-4 is weaker than the House version in several significant ways.   If the Senate version stands:

– the State of Michigan CAN NOT remove standards that are considered “not in the best interest of students”
– local districts CAN NOT establish different or more rigorous standards
– local districts must implement the developmentally inappropriate K-3 standards
– the legislature is NOT requiring a cost estimate of the assessments
– the legislature IS requiring computer-adaptive testing, an expensive, unproven assessment methodology that has created great student stress in states where it has been piloted (New York)
– the legislature IS requiring state assessments be given twice per year, doubling the testing burden of time and cost on schools and a commensurate reduction of instructional time

The House must NOT be allowed to gavel through the weaker resolution.  We are urging everyone to contact their MI House Representative TODAY.  Tell your Representative that the Senate version is weak and unacceptable.

The House Contact information is HERE.

Stand strong. This is not over.


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