Alabama abolishes Common Core agreement, but what does it accomplish?

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Via WVTM-TV News:   “The state of Alabama has opted out of participating in the Common Core English and mathematics standards.”

Last month, State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice proposed rescinding the 2009 Memorandum of Agreement with the National governor’s Association and the Council for Chief State School Officers, “in an effort to reassure the public that Alabama remains in complete control of its academic standards,” according to a news release.

At this morning’s meeting, the state board of education voted 7 to 2 to approve the resolution.

“The purpose of rescinding this MOA is to remove any remaining question about whether Alabama’s standards in Math and English Language Arts were in fact a state initiated and a state-led effort,” Bice said. “Both NGA and CCSSO simply provided the coordination needed to make the development process a reality.”

This is good news.  Common Core was adopted one state at a time, it must be dismantled one state at a time.  However, earlier reports say that this resolution is just a “ruse.”

“The resolution presented to the state school board for approval on Thursday is a ruse, an attempt to deceive good people and make it appear the board has done something to correct the common core disaster.  In reality, the board is reaffirming its commitment to common core which is generating valid concerns from parents and teachers all over Alabama,” according to Stephanie Bell.

That idea is supported by an  news report from last month that said,

“…rescinding the memorandum would not affect the state’s standards, would not lead to the state being listed as a non-common core state, and would not stop the state from sharing standards and best practices with other states.”


So this could once again be a political game played out in a different state.

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