An Open Letter to Michigan Teachers

To the Hardworking Teachers in Michigan,

We know that you have chosen your noble profession out of a love of teaching and love of children. We are so grateful to you for all that you do for our children and the future of our great state and country.  We value and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

Stop Common Core in Michigan is a committed group of parents, educators, retired educators, grandparents, and concerned citizens who have come together to protect our children and support YOU, our teachers. We are part of a national network of grassroots organizations in every state that has been impacted by the recent education reforms. We have the support of other organizations as well, including The Heritage Foundation, Truth in American Education, Americans for Prosperity and Education Liberty Watch.

With the help of the Michigan Legislature and by exercising our constitutional rights we seek to:

  • Support and retain our valuable teachers from disastrous reform implementation issues
  • Eliminate the, state directed, tying of teacher assessments to student’s test scores
  • Protect our children from a barrage of education reforms that are not in their best
    interest, have no evidence of success, and spare them from excessive high stake assessments
  • Safeguard our children’s and families’ privacy
  • Demand accountability for the waste of millions of state dollars, due to ineffective decision-making
  • Ensure that parents and teachers have a voice by restoring local control to education

Michigan educators need an environment that allows them to voice their concerns publicly, without intimidation or fear of retribution. We invite educators to join forces with us in standing up for our children, our teachers, and our local education system. We call for the halt of the implementation of The Common Core State Standards Initiative, the expansion of the Longitudinal Database, and SBAC assessments.

Please contact us by email at and let us know how we can work together. We will help protect teachers’ anonymity, so you can feel safe to reach out to us. Our website is: and we also have an active FaceBook page with over 2,000 followers.

On behalf of hundreds of parents, citizens, and the children of our state, we thank and support our teachers, faculty, and staff.