Fordham outrage with opting-out

It appears the Fordham Foundation is getting a bit frustrated with the rising opposition to the Common Core.   In a recent article Chester Finn, Jr.  went so far as to ask if “opting out” of testing is “acceptable” and speculated that it is “probably illegal.”

“The opt-out-of-state-testing movement has notched more wins lately. “Thousands,” we read, are refusing to take the tests in New York alone. And tons more interest and attention are being devoted to this topic in states and communities far and wide.

Tough questions urgently arise: Is it legal to opt your child out of state tests? Should it be legal? And if it’s not—and ought not be—legal, is it a legitimate act of civil disobedience to refuse to obey such a law?

The recent surge of activity has more than one source. Partly it’s a response to broad concerns about too much testing and disquiet over curricular narrowing and test-prep overkill. Partly it’s a reaction against the Common Core standards, which have lately become controversial. And partly it’s just old-fashioned Rousseauian romanticism about the ends of education and the proper metrics by which to determine whether the right ends are being attained.

Yes, it’s understandable. But is it acceptable?”

Fordham is a think-tank so it is natural that Chester Finn would be pondering such questions.   But it is strange that Finn questions parents opting-out but not the feds opting IN and overseeing the development of the assessments. Fordham has also been paid by the Gates Foundation to peddle the Common Core. So it is no surprise that Finn wants to deny parents the ability to opt-out of tests and the control they need to direct the education of their children under Common Core.

As for parents, think about the parallels. Is it OK to opt their kids out of vaccinations before coming to school? Out of attending on Thursdays—or on their birthdays? Out of going to math class? Submitting a lab report in chemistry or a book review in English?

Testing is more serious than lab reports, for it goes to the core of society’s interest in ensuring that its own next generation is educated—not just making them spend time in school but making certain they actually gain the skills and knowledge that they and their society will need to thrive in decades to come….

…Better tests are coming, but that doesn’t excuse “opting out” now. It’s not a legitimate form of civil disobedience. And it’s probably not legal, either. If you really find state tests odious, put your money and time where your mouth is—and stop asking taxpayers to educate your children.”

It is federal oversight of testing that is illegal and illegitimate!  Opting out is exactly what parents MUST do to stop Common Core and regain parental and local control of education.   Opting out sends a clear message and lets the feds and Bill Gates know their involvement in education is NOT ACCEPTABLE.