Action Alert: Call NOW! Stop HR 5

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US House of Reps 202-224-3121 ask for John Boehner or your Representative.

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Please VOTE NO on HR 5 “Student Success Act to Reauthorize No Child Left Behind

Please REPEAL No Child Left Behind


More information on this at CATO Institute:

Based on the federal government’s own tests, there is little evidence that the No Child Left Behind Act has spurred significant, lasting improvements in academic outcomes. It has, however, likely put a damper on the innovation that can come through federalism, while spurring a significant revolt against federally driven, high-stakes standards and testing. Informed by these results, and understanding that the Constitution gives the federal government no authority to control the nation’s education system, Washington should work to largely remove itself from elementary and secondary education.

Utahn against Common Core provides more:

This one is such a betrayal.

I’ve never been so shocked and angry over a proposed Congressional bill that I burst into tears.  Not until tonight.

I’d been quietly reading and taking notes on H.R. 5, “Student Success Act” (SSA) when my husband simply, offhandedly asked me how I was doing.   Though I’d been quiet, I was boiling over as I read tucked-away portions of this 600+ page bill which,  despite the local-control-touting, anti-Common Core-sounding words (on page 10 and elsewhere), is terrible. When my husband asked how I was doing, I stood up, walked to the couch and explained through my hot, angry tears what destruction and reduction of vital freedoms will take place if this bill passes:

It ends private schools’ religious freedom from government control.  It harms funding freedom in private schools.  Itputs into question parental rights and control over education.  It pushes sameness of testing.  Those are just a few things.  There are more.

We have conscious deceivers in D.C. pushing this bill:  its damages are so painfully ironic.  The bill is touted specifically to “reduce the federal footprint and restore local control while empowering parents“. What a poignant lie.


Call today!