Michigan set to Repeal & Replace Common Core!

Attention Common Core Warriors:

         We are happy to announce that legislation to Repeal & Replace Common Core is a reality! The House bill is sponsored by Representative Gary Glenn. We sincerely appreciate Gary and his advocacy against Common Core. COME SUPPORT GARY GLENN and STOP Common Core!!

Please join Gary Glenn Wednesday, February 24 at 12:00 noon

For a Press Conference Announcing Repeal & Replace Common Core legislation

At Central United Methodist Church

215 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI Kitty corner to Anderson Building (Representatives offices)

Ask YOUR legislator to co-sponsor and to vote YES!

The goal of this legislation is to repeal the unproven, nationally driven Common Core standards and assessments in Michigan. It is written to require the use of evidence based, best practice standards and assessments while respecting and encouraging local school district leadership in academic educational practices. The legislation requires all changes to standards and assessments be approved by the Michigan Legislature, to ensure a more transparent process.

Details include:

  • Repeals Common Core (CC) in its entirety.
  • Defines the immediate replacement of standards as the proven and superior Massachusetts (MA) pre-CC standards.
  • All references to MA will become MI, including state of MI history.
  • Confirms parental right to Opt-Out without consequences.
  • Clarifies that the new standards can be revised and adopted after five years in MI.
  • Terminates federal control of the MI education process.
  • Prohibits MI standards from being developed in a national or multi-state consortium.
  • Confirms responsibilities of the local districts; allows defining their own standards.
  • Clarifies that locals not using state standards will not suffer financial repercussions.


Defines a new assessment based on the pre-CC Massachusetts standards.

  • Restricts development of a new assessment to five years.
  • Will not require, but can use, computer technology.
  • Will not permit the collection of data about student’s values, attitudes,                                            beliefs and personality traits.
  • Requires public availability of test questions used for test transparency.
  • Must be approved by the state legislature with a transparent process.


Check out STOP Common Core in Michigan Website & Facebook page for details.

Here is the link to the Facebook event, PLEASE JOIN US