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Jindal’s Naive on Common Core

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech at a Redstate gathering on Friday where he addressed the Common Core.   He said,

“We will resist any attempt … to impose a national curriculum,”

But as the news story points out that “the Jindal administration has been supportive of the standards, with state Education Superintendent John White saying they will “put Louisiana’s children on an even playing field with every child in America.”

Jindal is naive.  Common Core IS a national standard with national assessments.   The national curricula to go along with it is in the works.

In 2012, Mike Cohen President of Achieve stated that Achieve is “already working with three states–NY, RI, and MA to that have “won Race for the Top funds” and were allocating a portion of that to develop model curriculum and instructional materials aligned to the Common Core.”

“Model curriculum” that will like become a “common curricula” for states to “decide” to adopt.

From the State of Michigan FAQ on Common Core 

11. Q: Do the CCSS represent national standards? Will they lead to a national curriculum and common national assessment?

A:  The Common Core State Standards Initiative is being led by states, not by the U.S. Department of Education. The CCSS will allow for development of common assessments  that may be adopted by states. Such common assessments may provide opportunities for evaluation of progress toward college and career readiness.   Decisions about development and adoption of common curricula and assessments will continue to be left to state boards of education. Some states may decide to participate in the development and adoption of a common curriculum (definitions that go beyond standards and include units of instruction or required activities, problems, or readings). The CCSSI has developed standards which will be adopted by states and used as the framework for developing state-level curricula and assessments. Participation in the  CCSSI does not require that states adopt a common curriculum or that they participate in one common assessment.

I’m sure Arne Duncan and Achieve will be right their helping the states “find” a reason to participate and adopt them just like they did with the Common Core State Standards and the related assessments.

Mr. Jindal, the time to resist national curriculum is NOW.   I call upon you to remove your name and support from the Conservatives for Higher Standards website and join the fight to Stop Common Core.  Only in defeating the Common Core can we insure that national curriculum will never become a reality in the USA.