Rethinking the Common Core

Last week, the Michigan Senate hastily gaveled through, S-4, a substitute resolution designed to restart the implementation of the Common Core.  They did so by voice vote without any public hearings on the resolution and no record of how members voted.


The senate decision to push the resolution through is likely because parents and taxpayers are catching on that Common Core is not living up to what promised when it was adopted in 2010.

New information is coming out daily that demonstrates that the Common Core is not a higher standard at all.   Watch and listen as Jason Zimba, a proponent of the Common Core, admit this fact in a conversation with Dr. Sandra Stotsky. that the definition of college readiness is a minimal definition.

“As the definition of college readiness, I think it is a fair critique to say that it is a minimal definition of college readiness….it’s not only not for STEM it’s not for selective college.  That for example, UC Berkley even whether you’re going to be an engineer or not.   You better have pre-calculus to get into at least Berkley…being clear about what this college readiness does and doesn’t get you.”


It is becoming clear to everyone but most lawmakers that the Common Core is NOT a higher standard.

After initially embracing the Common Core, private Catholic schools are rethinking their involvement.  “Early adoption of the Common Core was made in good faith, that same good faith justifies a pause now that we know more than in those early days.”

Instead of just going with the standards because the “train has left the station”  Catholic schools rethinking their decision to go with the Common Core.  We applaud their intellectual honesty and courage We hope the Michigan legislature will do the same.
Contact your House member and let him/her know that you want them to rethink the Common Core and NOT gavel through the resolution by voice vote. The Senate version of the resolution removes many of the protections in the previously passed HCR-11.  NO resolution allowing the implementation of the Common Core should pass through the legislature without a formal public hearing. 

You can find your House Member Here.