Gov. Snyder says, “I didn’t call for that.”

Governor Rick Snyder is at the Mackinac Policy Conference (#MPC14) this week.   MiVote interviewed Governor Snyder today and asked him about the bills moving testing from the Michigan Department of Education to Treasury.  His response, “I didn’t call for that.”   

Detroit Free Press Education reporter, Lori Higgins tweeted the responses from Gov. Snyder.

Denying that he called for the test to be moved to Treasury does not tell us very much.   Treasury is under the authority of the Governor.  If the tests move to Treasury, this becomes his issue.   What does he plan to do?    He won’t tell us.  When parents and teachers call his office they are put on hold or their questions are left unanswered.

Governor Sndyer said he’s be happy to facilitate discussions between the MDE and the legislature but how about facilitating a town hall discussion with parents and teachers.   We didn’t call for Common Core or SBAC.  Yet this untested reform is being thrown upon us and our children.    Shouldn’t we have a say in the matter too?  Governer Snyder is not leading in education, he’s following the money and the federal government.

Please contact Gov. Snyder and demand that he tells us what he plan to do.  

1. Ask him what his plan is if testing moves to Treasury. 

2.  Ask him for a town hall with parents and teachers to discuss Common Core and assessments.

You can contact Governor Snyder by  PHONE: (517) 373-3400 or on Twitter @onetoughnerd

If you are on Twitter use the hastag #MPC14 and let the politicians at Mackinac know you want to #StopCommonCore.