SB 826 Legislative Update

The full Senate has NOT voted on SB 826, a bill to Repeal and Replace Common Core, science, and social studies with Massachusetts.  We are watching closely and are hopeful that the Senate will pass SB 826 as it was passed the Senate Education Commitee on April 26th.  There is still a strong possibility that a substittue bill could be offered on the floor and voted on instead of the original bill.  We do NOT know what is in that bill and cannot endorse a bill we have not seen.  We encourage people to call their Senators and tell them to vote YES on SB 826 as it was introduced and passed out of committee.

On Tuesday in Lansing, a memember of the Stop Common Core in Michigan team happened to run into a high-ranking Senator who congratulated the grassroots for making a difference.

That means YOU!  Thanks to your calls and emails YOU are making a difference.  Congratulations!

The vote with substitute language could still happen this week.   Please continue to call! Together we can stop commmon core and retain educational freedom in Michigan.