Thank you to candidates who signed Pledge

Thank you to the candidates listed below who signed the Stop Common Core in Michigan pledge to stop FedEd and return control of education to Michigan parents and teachers.    Printable pledge available here: pledge 2016 (PDF)   A huge thank  you to voters who went to candidate forums or contacted candidates to ask them to sign the pledge.   We are all volunteers working on our own time with our own dime to make a difference.    YOU made a difference.  Together we can retain educational freedom in Michigan!

Michigan House and Senate Candidates
Logan Fleckstein 60th District State Rep
Gary Glenn (I) 98th District State Rep
Michelle Gregoire 62nd District State Rep
Jason Gillman 104th District State Rep
Gary Howell 82nd District State Rep.
Shane Hernandez 83rd District State Rep.
Steve Johnson 72nd District State Rep
Greg Kolich 66th District State Rep
Dan Lauffer  38th District State Rep
Jeff Noble 20th District State Rep
John Reilly 46th District State Rep
Jim Runstead (I) 44th District State Rep
Michael Shmina 32nd District State Rep
Justin Tranchita 32nd District State Rep

U.S. Congress Candidates

Kerry Bentivolio 11th District
Jack Bergman 1st District
Anthony Forlini, 10th District
Jeff Jones 12th District
Paul Mitchell 10th District
Alan Sanborn 10th District
David Van Assche 10th District

Michigan State Board of Education Candidates

Al Gui
Tom McMillin
Jeff Phillips
Mike Rowley
Bill Runco
Nikki Snyder

A list of candidates and incumbents who did NOT or REFUSED to sign the pledge is available at this link.