Common Core is becoming a flashpoint for President-elect Trump

Common Core has become an unexpected flashpoint in President-elect Trump’s pick of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education and Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.  Yahoo News picks up the story and notes the push back of DeVos and her alleged assertion she is against Common Core

Karen Braun, an anti-Common Core activist, was unconvinced. She told Breitbart she was “not fooled” by DeVos’ words. “We know the truth,” Braun said. “We experienced it first hand.”.

Trump’s choice of Rex Tillerson, chairman and chief executive of Exxon Mobil, is also raising concerns among anti-Common Core activists.  Tillerson was a “prime mover of Common Core in the business world.”    In 2013, Exxon produced commercials to silence growing opposition to the standards.

Many thought President-elect Trump would silence pro-Common Core education reforms and make good on his promise to stop Common Core.  Instead, he seems to be promoting them and giving them even great ability to push their reforms.  However, the push back is growing and getting stronger.   The word is getting out that philanthropists and business leaders like Devos and Tillerson view our kids as a “product” to be standardized for maximum efficiency in the workforce.

Tillerson stated it very plainly, “They need to produce students with skills that allow them to get a job. If they don’t, they are essentially producing a defective product. And in this case, the product is a human being. It’s tragic.”

What is tragic is their view of OUR children. Common Core and school choice are nothing more than a elitist corporate reform to treat our kids like a UPS package to be tested, tracked, and shipped to their final destination in the global economy. Is that what you want fo527023_10151408411857659_1019863226_nr your child?

The rule of debate is – he who defines wins. I am NOT willing to yield the definition of a well-educated” child to the state or corporate elitists like DeVos and Tillerson.  Common national standards and related reforms are nothing more than social engineering with the goal of transforming our children into a commodity to meet the demands of the state and corporations, not the dreams of the child.

Some in Michigan might remember the quip by Representative Rogers in 2013 at a legislative hearing on Common Core that the military doesn’t have a 50 standards for how to build a tank; he was obviously implying that we should not have 50 standards for educating children either.  But what works for a tank does not work for child! That’s the dehumanizing effect of Common Core.

If the education reform elitists who desire common national “high standards” had their way, the Preamble to the Constitution would probably read something like this,

“We the state, in order to form a more perfect worker, establish national standards to insure domestic conformity, provide for common tests, promote general dependency, and secure the tyranny of stupidity for its citizens, do ordain and establish public charter schools for the people of the United States of America. ”

All under the lofty rhetoric of “school choice” and a “reasonable” standard of accountability.

No thanks.

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