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Hello Education Activists!

As if we don’t have enough going on, now we MUST respond to the Michigan Department of Education on their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 10 year plan no later than March 16.

This plan defines education as workforce development​, is based on Common Core and massive data collection on our kids starting PRE-NATAL into the workforce.  ​ It is the plan they want to submit to the Federal Department of Education, for approval.

We have the opportunity to provide feedback, which is great, if they will listen to us.  Of course, most of us think we should not have to submit a plan to the Feds for their permission at all, but for now, we can do this.

​If we want to get their attention, we really need to get over 2000 people to send comments.  I sincerely appreciate your help in this effort.
The Overview is fairly readable.  Our most serious concerns are listed below​.  Please feel free to use these and add any of your own.

Before March 16, send an email with your concerns to

​ MDE and the State Board officers​:

BCC this email address:

​Dear Michigan Board of Education Officers and Department of Education,

I have reviewed the Michigan Draft ESSA Plan and have grave concerns.  I ask that you delay the implementation of this plan until at least September as permitted by law.  During this delay,  public comments should be considered by the State Board of Education in an open meeting.   Please send me a notification of this open meeting.​ 

My concerns include:
I do not support a state education system Pre-natal or Birth to 20.  The state education system should stick with K-12 and higher education.

​I do not support another complicated district ranking plan that simplifies to an A-F grading system.​

I do not want the schools involved in children’s social-emotional learning.

I do not support the child-level personal data collection  ​embedded​ in this plan.

I do not support an education system based on Common Core.

​Sincerely,  ​
​ ​

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