Opting Out of M-Step

Many parents are contacting me asking about opting out of M-STEP.   Parents, your students do NOT have to take M-STEP. You’re the parent and YOU do have a choice despite what the MDE or your local district may be telling you.

I had to chuckle a bit with the wording of the letter sent to parents in Petosky about opting out….

“The MDE respects parent choice. However, we care deeply that students ready to succeed in college and the workplace…While we support parents in making choices for their children, there is no allowable way to “opt out” of this assessments.”

Translation: Parents the state doesn’t respect your choices. The state is in charge. You will do as they say.

Anyone still believe that so called “school choice” is really about true choice for parents?

State assessments do NOT affect a student’s grade.  That is per Brian Whiston’s own correspondence to parents.

“State assessment results do not impact student grades.”

Opt out.   It’s time to tell the legislature, the MDE, and the Governor you DO have a voice and you DO have a choice.

To learn more about how to opt out click here.

OPT OUT Form is here. Student Privacy Protection Opt-Out Form – Thomas More …