Parents FED UP with legislative inaction to get rid of Common Core!

Last year, bills were introduced in the House and Senate to repeal and replace common core, science, social studies, and assessments.  They did not get very far.  In January of 2017,  HB 4192 to Repeal and Replace Common Core was introduced by Rep. Gary Glenn.   The bill was referred to the Michigan Competitiveness Committee which has held two hearings but has taken NO further action.  None.   Parents are NOT happy.   We’re not either.

Representative Gary Glenn posted an update on the bill last Friday.  He got an earful from several who said “Enough!”  One reader wrote:
What’s the problem with getting this bill through before the start of the next school year? Enough is enough already and CC should not be an issue anymore. Educational standards shouldn’t be forced on the states from the federal level and think about it, eventually after these elected officials are out of office their extended families will be under this indoctrination too.
Enough of the BS and get the bill through or resign. Easy as that. Enough!

We were notified that House Speaker Tom Leonard plans to cut session early and appears to have quit on repealing and replacing Common Core.  This despite the fact that:

1.  Repealing common core was a HUUGE campaign issue in the 2016 election for President Trump and in Michigan down ballot races.
2.  HB 4192 has 29 sponsors and co-sponsors in the Michigan House which is controlled by Republicans under Speaker Tom Leonard who claims to be against common core.
3.  HB 4192 was referred to the Michigan Competitiveness Committee chaired by Rep. Lee Chatfield who claims to be against Common Core.
4.  HB 4192 is languishing in Chatfield’s committee apparently the hold up Rep. Hank Vaupel  who claims to be against Common Core.

Last session they could not get it done.  And now in 2017, even with a strong conservative legislature, lawmakers could NOT move the bill despite the fact that Republicans are the majority and most of them claim to be against Common Core!

Who believes this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people??


Speaker Leonard, we call upon you to lead and move this bill THIS session.  We know that if you wanted this bill out of committee it would be out of committee.  It’s time for YOU and lawmakers to go on record and vote.  It’s time for voters to truly know who is actually against common core and who is just making campaign promises for their next election.

We’re tired of smooth talking politicians who make great promises but fail to follow through.  Prove that you are a different kind of politician and follow through on this issue.    We’re holding you accountable….just like you asked us to do.

Please contact the following lawmakers:

Speaker Leonard:  (517) 373-1778


Representative Chatfield:  517-373-2629

Representative Vaupel: (517) 373-8835

Representative Gary Glenn:  517-373-1791
Toll-free: 1-855-GLENN98