Voter grills Speaker Leonard for email about BBQ but inaction on Common Core

Parents and voters are FED UP with the inaction of the Michigan House on HB 4192 to Repeal and Replace Common Core.   They are NOT happy and they are letting Speaker Leonard and Representative Chatfield know exactly how they feel.  One activist took the opportunity to use Speaker Leonoard’s upcoming invitation to a BBQ event to make his point.

Thanks for the nice invitation to your Barbeque event. It’s nice to know that you think of us once in a while.  I would personally be much more positively disposed to supporting your speakership, and continued Republican dominance if you would put your full influence behind passage of HB4192.
  Thank you.
By “Cc” hoping to deliver this same sentiment to you, Lee. Thanks also.

Speaker Leonard is very aware that the electorate is fed up with phony promises and inaction.  Leonard sent out an email a few months ago which said,

“One thing I hear over and over is that Michiganders are tired of smooth talking politicians who often make great promises, but rarely follow through.  I try every day to keep my word and do what I say, and I want to be held accountable. I’m proud to lead an outstanding group of legislators in the Michigan House who share our conservative values and our passion for getting things done. “

So where’s the passion to get this done, Speaker Leonard?

Another voter contacted House leadership and shared a bit of interesting information he heard from Rep. Chatfield’s aide:

I called the 4 numbers. I’m not optimistic on action being taken. Leonard’s aide tried to say it was the Committee’s responsibility to bring the bill to the floor. I reminded the aide that it was the Speakers job to prod the committees to get things done. Chatfield’s aide said they don’t think they have the votes to pass the bill on the whole house floor. Plus, an amendment got included to replace Common Core with Massachusetts Core. I reminded the aide that the Republicans ran on repealing and since they are in the majority this repeal can and should be done now. Mis-educating our children is not an option so get off there butts and get the repeal done. Vauple’s aide thanked me for my input and said it would be passed on. Glenn just went to voice mail.

There was no sense of urgency by any of the aides. There were polite, that’s about it. My impression was they are collectively a bunch of weak kneed cowards just playing the political system.

Wish I had better news. (I don’t have any children in the system but I do get to live with the education system’s results.)

Ouch! People are definitely upset.

I contacted Rep. Chatfield’s office for a response.  The aide I spoke with denied that there is a substitute bill being considered which  would use the Massachusetts Core and that there was probably some misunderstanding that led to a mix up.   We hope so!  But we know that “fake repeal” is in the education reform playbook and we’ll be watching.  If anyone hears about a move to introduce a substitute to HB 4192 in order to replace the Common Core with “MassCore” or anything else please let us know.  HB 4192 as currently written is a TRUE repeal and replaces them with the PRE-Common Core Massachusetts standards.  Don’t let the similarity in names confuse you into supporting a fake repeal which would serve only to give lawmakers bragging rights to say they repealed Common Core but result in no real change.

Thanks to all who contacted House leadership.  The heat of his BBQ grill shouldn’t be the only heat Speaker Leonard and our representatives should feel. Speaker Leonard could take HB 4192 out of the Competitiveness Committee and put it up for a vote in the entire House. It’s time to end the delays and find out where lawmakers truly stand.   If Speaker Leonard doesn’t have the votes at least we’ll have a recorded vote and know who is truly against common core and who is playing both sides of the issue.

It’s time to ask tough questions and expect answers from those who claim to be against Common Core but take NO action to get it repealed and replaced.   Let them all know we’re tired of “smooth talk politicians” who invite the grassroots to events but fail to action on the issues which helped them get elected.

Please contact the following lawmakers and tell them take action on HB 4192.  Call, write, and use their social media pages to make your voice heard.

Speaker Leonard: (517) 373-1778

Representative Chatfield: 517-373-2629

Representative Vaupel: (517) 373-8835

Representative Gary Glenn: 517-373-1791
Toll-free: 1-855-GLENN98